5 body language habits of successful people you need to copy

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Body language can be an important tool in your communication as it can send a message without words.
1. Sit up straight
If you sit with your back straight and shoulders back, you look more self-confident and make the impression you care about what the person you are talking to is saying. This is a power position.
2. Firm handshakes
This one you have certainly heard about. You don’t need to crush bones but a firm handshake immediately projects self-confidence and security.
3. Open arms
Crossed arms send the message that you are not flexible and don’t agree you what the other person in saying. Remember: crossed arms and legs aren’t good body language habits.
4. Stop touching your hair
It is something women are very used to doing, but it either signals lack of attention or your insecurity.
5. Smile
This is a tricky one because smiling at everything may make you look weak. The thing is to know when to do it. At the right place and time it shows you have control over stressful situations.

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