What Happens to Your Body After a Lifetime of Yoga?

We all know yoga is very good for our health, body and mind. The usual feeling after a class is flexibility and lightness, so the benefits can be physiologically and mentally felted. Even if you believe you can only feel the benefits after years, experts agree that the benefits of yoga can show up as soon as your first class.

After One Class

After your first yoga class you’ll probable experience a variety of sensations, like an awkward, sweaty first date where you’re noticing muscles you never realized you had and are sweaty in places you never knew you could sweat. After One Week Imagine you have two classes in one week. After this time, you will feel like your body is opening for the difficulty of yoga. You will feel more flexible and reach parts of your body you have never imagined.

After One Month

After a month of doing yoga a few times a week, you might feel some changes in how you bear stress, for example, bad traffic, stressful meetings or other situations. Actually, some emotions will come up because yoga opens up your heart in a way that not only good feelings pop up. Physically, your core is stronger and your triceps structure will come out from all the chaturangas.

After 50 Years

After a lifetime of yoga, experts guarantee you will be stronger than 99% of everyone around you. Every pose should be accepted as you were a beginner, with modest attitude and with your mind in the present, at the moment, enjoying it. You’ll have amazing flexibility and mobility. Also, your metabolism will work perfectly.

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