How to Know You Are in The Perfect Job?

There is a moment of our lives when we seek financial, family, and love stability. It’s always that moment when we want to be in the perfect job, with the perfect partner and the perfect family. However, all of this is relative and depends on person to person. Happiness is a very subjective concept.

According to John Lees, the author of “How to Get a Perfect Job,” there are some simple questions we can consider to know if we are in the right place. The author believes that perfection is impossible to find, but if you are 70% satisfied with your workweek, that means you may be in the right place.

“About 70 percent is the level to reach in terms of the percentage of your week that you are well and involved. If you are happy three and a half days a week, this is very good even if the rest is a bit annoying.”

Due to the fact that we spend an average of 12 years of our lives at work, if only 30 percent of that time is bad, the author argues that it is a good margin of happiness.

“If your job makes you feel unhappy most of the time, it’s certainly time to reflect on it carefully. It’s a mistake to make a decision without measuring the consequences.” Research shows that while almost half the UK population wants a career change, another study showed that 9 out of 10 people lament a hasty career choice.

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