Best Mindfulness App of 2017: Aura

We are in the beginning of a time where technology is evolving in a way of being almost an extension of ourselves. Not only we are extremely dependent on it, but also, we are being replaced by it.  While technology can be a source of depression, anxiety or other problems it can also be the solution, right? What can an app not do?

“Aura” was considered the best meditation app of 2017, by Apple users. It combines artificial intelligence with time-tested relaxation methods from analysts and meditation teachers, Aura intentions are to deliver meditation for everyone.

It has short, daily sessions intended to relieve tension and worry. The meditations vary from three to 10 minutes, so you can use on-demand peace.

Aura has the interesting method of asking about your mood before and after your sessions in order to design a detailed picture of your emotional status over time. It is so amazing that if you are in a difficult time of your life it can send you deep breath reminders to help you calm down.

Aura’s premium version is even more awesome and it offers a personalized meditation coach. The app uses a kind of algorithm from your mood fluctuations to deliver adapted sessions.

Nevertheless, of how much experience you have with the trendy mindful meditation, Aura helps to improve your training in a way that can fit any kind of lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? A one one-year subscription to Aura is available for just $29.99.

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