What Is The Biggest Deal Breaker For Most Couples? This Might Surprise You

What is the biggest deal breaker when it comes to new couples taking the next step? Well, you might be thinking in a lot of things but this information will make you go crazy!

In a survey supported by Furniture123.co.uk, 87% of participants said that they judge a new girlfriend or boyfriend on how neat and clean their house is.

Well, nevertheless of any emotional relationship instruction you may hear, the most repellent thing to a potential partner is actually the appearance of your home.

75% of them said that mess and untidiness would be a make or break aspect. So, you might think twice before inviting that boy or girl for a romantic dinner. Check out your cleaning routine before this!

Relationship deal breakers:

General uncleanliness is sufficient to dampen 83% of Brits from continuing with a new relationship.

Bad odour
81% of respondents say a bad smell would dissuade from any additional dates with the person they were seeing.

Dirty toilet
Dirty toilet is a big out of question for 80%.

Undone bed
76% say an unmade bed would destroy any chance of budding relationship.

Old furniture
Worn out furniture would have the same effect for 66% of people falling in love.

Clashed in general style and decoration is enough to put off 63% of those surveyed.

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