Best Meditation Style For Your Personality Type?

Meditation seems to be the best medicine for everyone, but when it comes to having a class, many people say they cannot do it.

Open personality: guided imagery

People with open personalities like new things, which means they’re probably the first ones to to try a virtual reality spin class or do sun salutations in a zoo. It is perfect because e you have the help of a teacher constantly.

Conscientious personality: a mantra

Conscientious personalities are the ones who always remember to bring a water bottle to the class. They are very meticulous and are perfect for this type of meditation. Mantra is a great way to start, because they can be predictable and have good results.

Extroverted personality: breathwork

They’re also most frequently the people who claim to be impotent to meditate because they don’t feel they are able to concentrate and breathing helps them concentrate on something easy to focus. Also, it is very good for your heart health.

Neurotic Personality: tapping

This practice called tapping is a kind of hypnosis without closing your eyes and acupuncture without the needles and any kind of pain. You tap some points on your face and body, and what you’re doing is you’re changing your neuro path, like the type of your thoughts.

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