New Relationship? Pay attention to these signals

It is very difficult to understand and to interpret a new relationship and a new person in your life. Sometimes, you can’t just ignore the band feeling that something isn’t right. Be honest and respect yourself by paying attention to some signals and walking away from an unhealthy relationship:

1. Your intuition hassles you

The first one to tell you something is wrong will be your intuition. Be truthful with yourself and recognise when your partner isn’t making you happy.

2. It’s complicated from the beginning

There is no perfect boyfriend or girlfriend because everyone carries the past with them. What’s not normal is a person who drags problems into your present life.

3. Won’t compromise

The man who won’t compromise it is not the one for you. The fact that he doesn’t means the relationship will require much sacrifice on your part.

4. Has mood swings

Your partner shouldn’t leave you tired by the end of the day! If your partner changes from pleased to depressed in seconds, understand that a psychological imbalance exists.

5. Not generous

While you shouldn’t expect to receive gold or diamonds, you should expect your partner to offer support when you’re in honest need. Remember, the person who wants to share what he has with you is preparing for a future with you.

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