Special Items to Pack for a Cruise

If you enjoy going on a cruise, maybe you already know what to take on a trip and you also know that the cruise line will give you a list of what to bring on your cruise. But people are different from each other, so here are the special items you should bring on your suitcase:

1. Books, a lot of books, eBooks, magazines, movies. Try to have them all already downloaded.

2. Big Ziploc® bags perfect for a lot of things including keeping wine bottles safe. Also for swimming or snorkelling they are perfect for keeping your belongings dry.

3. Waterproof dry bags for personal objects and electronics: perfect to protect your phone while on board or when going overland.

4. Don’t forget shampoo and conditioner even if they provide them.

5. Plastic bags for dirty laundry or other items;

6. Pen drives with all your information: passport, insurance documents and medical prescriptions.

7. If susceptible to seasickness, try what remedy works best for you before a cruise, then pack a lot of it.

8. Good lenses for your camera because you won’t like to lose the perfect shot of a dolphin or a beautiful seashore.

9. This one you should use on a daily basis because the world is full of germs: antibacterial wipes and gel.

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