The most ‘welcoming’ city on Earth is Singapore

The world’s most hospitable city? According to a new ranking, it is a place where chewing gum is forbidden and eating or drinking on the metro can result in a high fine. It’s Singapore.

In tribute to World Cities Day, Netherlands-based TravelBird chose to study how the top 500 destinations for travel around the world make people feel at home. Combining the welcoming port of entry, citizen’s happiness, English language ability, and even the number of available beds, they came up with a ranking from 1 to 100, with cities all over the globe falling into their corresponding places.

The results are wide-ranging, with a few Scandinavian cities placed in the top 10 together with two in the US and a couple in Asia. From there, Europe dominates the second half of the top 20, with one Canadian city finally making at number 14: Toronto. You can look at the entire list of 100 cities on TravelBird’s website.

Singapore’s number one ranking shouldn’t come as a surprise either, says Evelyn Chen, author of Telegraph Travel’s expert guide and a resident of the city. “It really is one of the world’s most welcoming cities,” she said. “You feel it the moment you arrive at the Changi Airport where the queues to get through immigration are usually short.”

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