Nutella’s recipe changed in secret

Nutella’s recipe was changed and fans reacted negatively.

Nutella’s recipe was changed by its company, Ferrero. After the Italian brand admitted the change, the reaction of the fans was one of admiration and revolt.

The changes in the recipe are increasing the amount of skim milk powder and also the sugar. This was denounced by the Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre.

Ferrero acknowledged the differences and said consumers will not notice changes in product quality and flavor, and that all food brands often make similar changes to their recipes. The brand also said in an interview with the Telegraph: “The ingredients list is on the jar as usual. All relevant aspects from a diet perspective, are the same. ”

Despite these claims consumers noticed a difference, starting with the color of the product, which is now clearer. Reactions were not delayed and social networks were filled with outraged reactions from the fans. There were even some who proposed a boycott of the product.

It remains to be seen whether these changes will be relevant enough to lead some of the regulars to resist the temptation that is this famous chocolate and hazelnut cream.

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