What does your handwriting say about you?

A closer look at someone’s handwriting style can provide surprising insights about their personality.

Everything from the size of your letters to how closely you space words can reveal intricate details of your character. Here are four key pointers to look for:

Size of the letters

If you have a small handwriting, it means you tend to be shy, meticulous and studious. On the other han, big, attention seekers and outgoing personalities tend to write in large letters.

People who have average-sized writing, used to have a strong ability to focus, they are practical and logical.


Studies suggest that people who leave large spaces between their words are generous and independent, while those who squeeze their words, tend to like the company of others.

People who jammed letters together are intrusive or have the tendency to crowd people.

If your writing slants…

To the right: You are impulsive, heart-centered and sentimental. You enjoy socialize with other people.

To the left: You are reserved and introspective. You generally like to work alone or you prefer work with things over people.

Not at all: You are very rational and always think things through. You are very solid and pragmatic.


While a very heavy pen pressure can suggest strong emotions, a soft pressure means you’re empathetic and sensitive.

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