15 thousand scientists warn about the environmental risks caused by human action.

15,000 scientists warn of environmental hazards and advise policy changes.  This warning comes 25 years after the first one , issued by most of the Nobel Prize winners that year. In 1992 scientists argued that the path taken would lead to human suffering and to the destruction of the planet.

The new warning suggests an even more disturbing picture today. Deforestation, the use of fossil fuels and the lack of potable water are the main problems described.

The article, published in the Oxford’s journal BioScience states that: “Humanity is not doing what must be done urgently to safeguard the threatened biosphere. It will soon be too late to reverse this dangerous trend.”

The scientists also warn about the worsening of the main problems that existed 25 years ago. The ineffectiveness of environmental politics is also responsible for this phenomenon, and new implementation ways are necessary.

Despite all the unfavorable factors, scientists believe that there can still be a reversal of events, and it is necessary to “recognize in our day-to-day life and in our government insitutions that the Earth, like all of its life, is our only home”.



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