Californian limousine driver built a rocket to prove that the Earth is flat and promises to get results.


Mike Hughes, 61, built a rocket to prove that Earth is flat. The limousine driver believes he will be able to photograph the Earth high enough to prove his theory.

It is not the first attempt of the American who has been building several rockets over time.

The cost of construction was about $ 20,000, and Mike expects to reach a speed of 800km/h. It’s planned that Hughes would reach an altitude of 500 meters. The return to the ground will be accomplished trought a parachute.


The driver’s mission is sponsored by the “Research Flat Earth” group,  suppoters of the theory that the Earth is flat. Hughes says he doesn’t believe the scientists and their claims about the shape of the planet. The driver also says there is no difference between science and science fiction. Its purpose is to restore the truth to the people.

The plan has been postponed because Hughes was not allowed to launch in a public space. The driver says that the delay is only a mishap and that he will fulfill his mission.


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