101 Year Old Woman sets world record running

A 101-year-old Louisiana woman name Julia Hawkins just set a new record for her age group by completing the 100-meter race in just over 40 seconds.

Louisiana native became a competitive cyclist at age 81. Last year at age 100, seeking a new challenge, she decided to try competitive running for the first time. She registered for the 50-meter dash at the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games, completing the race with a PR of 19.07 seconds.

“I knew I could run because I’m always in the yard working, and when the phone rings, I go running inside to answer it,” she told in an interview.

“I just like the feeling of being independent and doing something a little different and testing myself, trying to get better. I want to please my family is the other thing,” Hawkins said. “Having a momma that can do this pleases them, and it pleases me to please them.”

Hawkins was born in February 1916 in Wisconsin. When she was just a few months old, she got into a homemade boat with her family as they travelled down the Mississippi River, eventually reaching Louisiana. They established in the small town of Ponchatoula, a little more than 50 miles north of New Orleans.

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