5 Signs you have a future together

You love him. He loves you. Things have been getting serious between the two of you. You’ve invested time into this relationship and now you would like to know if you have a promising future with your better half. So how do you know if you’re moving toward marriage? These 5 clear-cut signs should clue you in:

1 . You accept one another as you are

The worst types of relationships involve two people who consider the other insufficient. In the solid relationships, you accept one another for who you are.

2. You laugh together

Research proves laughter has a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Is really important find a partner who shares the same sense of humor as you. Jokes help people connect and they are a great way to improve work and personal relationships.

3. You can be silent

Not always talking and sharing everything is part of the balance of healthy communication and relating.

4. You resolve conflict quickly

Conflict is an essential and normal part of any healthy relationship. You just need to learn to fight with each other in order to resolve conflict and to process anger. Remember, conflict can be beneficial,  it’s when you cannot resolve it easily that it becomes a problem.

5.  You treat each other with respect

No relationship can last if there’s no respect. Even when the times are tough. Those moments where you’re mad, if you still treat them with respect, things will work out.

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