How to find your doppelganger

With more than 7 billion people inhabiting our planet, it is probably not too crazy to assume that there is someone out there that will bear a striking resemble to each of us, and now a website is promising to help find them.

Twin Strangers, which launched in 2015, now has about 4.3 million people in its database. Allows users to search their database of faces to help locate your doppelganger. Member upload photos and catalogue their face, eye, and eyebrow shapes in a bid to find a match.

Here’s how it works: If you’re interested in finding your twin stranger, you set up an account. That part is free. You fill out a few basic details about yoursel and then upload a photo. The results are surprisingly effective, so it is certainly worth checking out for anyone looking for their double. You never know, you could end up finding a long-lost twin!

Check out these videos. Can you believe these people below are not related?

The people over at Twin Strangers recommend uploading a good variety of photos. The more pictures you submit, the more likely you are to find a match.

Below are some of my better matches, in case you’re curious.

Once you find someone you think is a match, you have the option to “star” that person, which sends out an email. That’s how connections are made. If Twin Strangers learns of a pretty convincing match, they might even arrange to film a meet-up, if both parties are interested, of course.

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