Which football player personality fits yours?

We are used to seeing them on the field, but do you know what they are like as persons? Here are the traits of some of the best players in the world:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Because his father was a gardener while his mother worked as a cook, Ronaldo knew he had to fight for his dreams, if he wanted to make it big. 
Known for his: 
– hard-work
– big ego
– love for his family

Lionel Messi 

Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency when he was eleven, that made him grow to be a humble man.
Known for his:
– fair play
– kind heart
– work with charities

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

Ibrahimovic was a bicycle thief and a school bully, as a kid, and became a better person through team playing.
Known for his:
– leadership qualities
– cockiness and wit
– strong character


Iniesta’s admitted going into depression just before the FIFA Worldcup 2010.. 
Known for his:
– shyness
– sensitivity
– humility

Andrea Pirlo

Pirlo began his career struggling to gain playing time due to his lack of pace, so he understood he had to find ways to overcome that.
Known for his:
– vision
– creativity
– intelligence 

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