What is the Intelectual Coeficient?

Intelligence is the ability to adapt efficiently to our surrounding environment, in a way that we are able to analyze, interpret and evaluate information correctly. It is one of the most valued aptitude in the whole world.

On the other hand the intelectual coeficient is a measure of intelligence, it is the product of dividing the mental age by the chronological age and multiplied by 100. The result is what you call intellectual coeficient, it can also be measured through different tests depending on the characteristics of the person, age and objective.

One of the most well known tests is the Wechsler scale, you can calculate the total IC, verbal IC and the manipulated IC separately (memory and comprehension)

It is accepted that an individual with a IC below 70 suffer from intelectual incapacity.

Depending on the observed C, such incapacity can be of greater or smaller gravity..

If it is situated between 70 and 50, the incapacity is considered light (being this the most common range among the largest part of the population considered intellectually uncapable)

Subjects with an IC between 50 and 35 have moderated incapacity, which assumes the need for supervision and special education.

Regarding subjects above average, the ones with a CI above 130 are considered gifted (although that would entail the presence of other attributes like creativity and the evidence that the subject overperforms in other fields, on top of an above average IC)

Do you you know your IC?

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